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Graveside Service 09/26/04 Phil Kidd
Breaking The Stronghold
Of Doubt
10/25/04 Phil Kidd
Drying Up And Dying On God 10/26/04 Phil Kidd
Treading The Water 10/27/04 Phil Kidd
Why I Am Glad I Won't Be In The Tribulation 10/28/04 Phil Kidd
Obtaining Peace 10/25/06 Phil Kidd
You May Do It But Not Here 10/26/06 Phil Kidd
He Closed The Book 10/27/06 Phil Kidd
Islam And Bible Prophecy 07/??/07 Phil Kidd
How To Kill A Good Revival 09/17/07 Phil Kidd
Coming Up Empty 09/18/07 Phil Kidd
Surviving Satan's Sifter 09/19/07 Phil Kidd
The Domino Effect Of The Gospel 09/20/07 Phil Kidd
Benefits Of Total Obedience 09/26/07 Phil Kidd
Do You Really Love The Church 09/27/07 Phil Kidd
Heart Trouble 09/28/07 Phil Kidd
When Jesus Is In The House 09/22/08 Phil Kidd
Obtaining The Favor Of God 09/23/08 Phil Kidd
A Time To Cast Your Care Upon God 09/24/08 Phil Kidd
Common Ground 09/25/08 Phil Kidd
A Bear Dipped In Oil 09/26/08 Phil Kidd
Making Mistakes 09/22/09 Phil Kidd
Tears In Heaven 09/25/09 Phil Kidd
When Worship Is Wrong 09/28/09 Phil Kidd
Great Tribulation 09/29/09 Phil Kidd
A Love Hate Relationship With God 08/30/10 Phil Kidd
Sorry, But He's Already Gone 08/31/10 Phil Kidd
Nobody Is Laughing In Hell
Phil Kidd
In The Last Days 09/01/10 Phil Kidd
The Consolations Of Worshiping God 09/03/10 Phil Kidd
Where Is The Blood Of Jesus 05/06/11 Phil Kidd
Bent Out Of Shape With God 08/29/11 Phil Kidd
Why Doesn't Revival Last 08/30/11 Phil Kidd
The First Gift Jesus Gave To His Bride 08/31/11 Phil Kidd
Difference Between Being Born Again And Adopted 09/01/11 Phil Kidd
Why Everyone Is Going To Heaven 09/02/11 Phil Kidd
The Consequences Of Covering
The Sins Of Others
08/??/11 Phil Kidd
It's Not Over Until God Says It's Over ???? Phil Kidd
Are You Serious ??? Phil Kidd
Preach The Gospel To The Poor 11-20-2011 Phil Kidd
Have You Done What You Could For Jesus? 08-27-2012 Phil Kidd
Claiming Your Mount Of Transfiguration 08-28-2012 Phil Kidd
Have You Brought People To Jesus? 08-29-2012 Phil Kidd
We Are Priceless 08-30-2012 Phil Kidd
Three Repercussions If We Turn Our Backs On Israel 08-31-2012 Phil Kidd